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See what other people are saying about oThe Pinnacle at Nob Hill apartments! At The Pinnacle at Nob Hill Luxury Living, we value all our residents' voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.

I'd like to congratulate all the staff of Pinnacle at Nob Hill here in San Francisco. My wife Claudia and I move to the build 4 years ago, and we always receive a great service of all the team, and also we enjoy to live in one of the best parts of SFO. Highly recommended for any person who thinks to move to Bay Area!


Key Things to know about The Pinnacle •I believe it is the nicest rent-controlled building in SF (and rents can increase 15% a year in SF). •PG&E NEVER cuts the power to this area (even when they turn off the power to surrounding counties to prevent wildfires). •4 blocks to Union Square •Even the 4th floor (the building has 19) has views to the water. oAll south facing units get direct sunlight. •1 block from Tacorea (aka Taco/Korean; which I consider the best fast-food in the city). •300 ft elevation above Market Street, so there are fewer vagrants than elsewhere in SF. Us •We have lived in the building for 7 years. Liked it so much that my in-laws moved in across the hall after they immigrated. •We often consider moving to SOMA or University Ave in Palo Alto, but none of those areas are rent-controlled. Surprises •When we shipped our furniture from New York 7 years ago, it arrived before us. The building staff put it in our unit (and even carried our sofa up the stairwell, because it didn’t fit in the elevator). oThe current building staff is even nicer than the previous. •Pinnacle used to be full of tech employees, but now it’s filling up with down-sizing suburban empty-nesters. •Utilities are $200-300 on top of rent per month. •I think it’s one of the safest places to be in an earthquake because it’s built on bedrock (check out the SF liquefaction maps). •If you haven’t lived downtown, the Blue Angels fly overhead during Fleet Week in October. •There is a waiting list for parking spaces. The Downside •No central A/C, but this is probably the coldest/foggiest spot in the Bay Area. Buy a fan for October though. •They’ll only give you 2 key fobs per apartment. •Penthouse floor can hear people on the roof deck. •Don’t rent a unit next to the trash chute. •Key fobs for the door break every ~2 years. •The windows could be cleaned more frequently.


Great apartment in a lovely neighborhood with near by restaurant, bars and walking distance to union square. Move in process was smooth and maintained is up...


Our unit at the Pinnacle is home. We enjoy our space. The maintenance staff is very responsive when required. Office staff is friendly and helpful. Miguel, our night concierge is the best ... I do not like the “large availability sign and telephone number” on the side of the building as it takes away from the building’s attractiveness. It is wonderful to have a gym, a computer room, and a rooftop to enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the view, it’s lovely!


Overall: I'm excited to live here! Homework: I scoured all over SF to find the right studio to rent for less than $2k. This building has been upgraded and is very tasteful. It's walkable to Union Square, garage parking (extra), indoor fitness center, mail room, fast elevators, and much more. Mark the assistant manager was thoughtful and gave fast, friendly communication. Day of Moving: My movers were 3 hours late, so I had to move-in after hours. Miguel at the front desk and was amazing! He answered my questions and accommodated my movers and myself for the fastest move I've done.


My movers were 3 hours late, so I had to move-in after hours. Miguel was at the front desk and was amazing! He answered my questions and accommodated my movers and myself for the fastest move I've done. I'm excited to live here!



I moved to the Pinnacle on 02/7/2019 and I am already having the best time ever in the Bay Area so far! The building is central, modern, very clean, and everyone working here at the Pinnacle does a great job in everything! A special thank you to Amanda for guiding me through the initial process with amazing tips and recommendations, and Triskin for being such an amazing person!



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